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A quick and easy way to password protect your USB flash drive!

USB Flash drives are small, portable and convenient. But if you've got data on your drive that you'd like to keep private, how can you protect your USB flash drive?
If you are a user of Transcend's JetFlash drive, don't hesitate to download the JetFlash Elite data management software. Its "Secret-Zip" feature allows you to compress your saved files to maximize memory storage space and/or protect your data using a password. If you lose your flash drive, at least your data will never fall into the hands of hackers, nosy co-workers, curious family members or identity thieves!
◎    Step-by-step Guide
1.      Check the "Password protect my data" option and enter a password as well as the password confirmation and a password reminder, then click the "Apply" button.
2.      You can use "manage secret-zip data" only after selecting encryption item "My Folders & My Docs", the upper right window is the list of encrypted data, the lower window is the list of decrypted data. Please click "Refresh View" to update data list if you save or delete any files.
3.      Please select the data in decrypted area, and encrypt it by clicking "Secret-Zip Selected". You can also encrypt all data in Docs and Folders by clicking "Secret-Zip All".
4.      Please select the data in the encrypted area, and decrypt it by clicking "UnSecret-Zip Selected" or "UnSecret-Zip & Open".
5.      If you don't want to use the secret-zip function, select "No password protection required" in "Encryption Settings", and enter your password.
6.      If you want to change the password, select "Change password" and enter old and new passwords.

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